Okay, give me a minute…

In the midst of my busy day, avoiding the pressing things that are luming over me, I suddenely had a whim to create a new blog. What am I thinking?! My car is broken, I need to call someone. My medicene directions are unclear and I need to call someone. My son will get out of school all to soon and I need to shop for him before I go pick him up and my car isn’t running and I NEED TO CALL SOMEONE. Fuck. And what am I doing? Trying to figure out a new blog formatt. It’ll probably be more like tomorrow before I can really get into this.

I was going to suggest you go check out my myspace page until I get this figured out, but of course, I can’t get on my myspace page right now and I don’t actually know what the link to it is. Damn I’m having a ditzy day. I think it’s http://www.myspace.com/lyzianor


2 responses to “Okay, give me a minute…

  1. Welcome to the Dark Side.

    The blog revolution continues.

  2. Hey Baby! Welcome to WordPress!

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