Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Wow, it’s Christmas already! Yeah!!!!!!

Here’s what I have learned this Christmas season so far:

Tweeners are extremely hard to shop for! This year my sons Christmas list included a $3,000.00 gaming laptop and a set of Dragon Mega Blocks.

Toys for boys come in two shapes: Square and Wrapthisbitch!

Even the hardiest of Christmas lovers can get irritated with Christmas traffic and other shoppers. I try to stay merry during the season. But Ill be damned if I didn’t mutter a few choice words at some of my fellow shoppers.

X-Box 360 games cost a buttload! There’d better be gold in those little square boxes!

My parents and sister live way too far away from me!

My son is easy to tease about Christmas.

I can’t wait till Sunday because I’m spending it with my Son, Grandmother, Aunt, and Cousins.

My best friend Bri makes the best gosh darn cookies! I’m glad she only makes them at Christmas because otherwise I’d be FAT! Okay, fatter.

Oh and one unrelated to Christmas thing:
Sometimes I just can’t be the bigger person.


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