And there go all my defenses

Well, there it was. Another Christmas come and gone. It’s time to take the tree down and I don’t want to. Why can’t I have Christmas for a whole week. Every morning waking up and running downstairs to see what’s under the tree! Even now, in my thirties, I have a hard time sleeping on Christmas eve. My eyes just won’t shut. As soon as the sun appears on Christmas morning my lids fly open and I jump out of bed. As clear as day I remember the morning I ran out of my room and found my furry Strawberry Shortcake blanket under the tree. That was a great year! I had begged and begged my mother for that blanket. It came from one of those boothes in the middle of the mall ( I believe it was in Eastwood Mall back when there was a Mr. Gattis in there) The blanket cost $30 something dollars, which was not a small amount to my parents back in the seventies/early eighties. Everytime we walked by that boothe I would run up and hug the blanket and beg my mother to buy it. So, when on Christmas morning I saw it under the tree, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I still think about that damn blanket. I wonder what happened to it. Recently Candace and I found the exact same furry blanket merchants at Christmas Village. When I spoke to the proprietor he confirmed that he had owned the boothe in Estwood Mall all those years ago. I swear I nearly cried. But, alas, a thirty dollar blanket from the eighties now cost over $100.

This year I watched as my sons eyes lit up with wonder and glee as he opened all the presents he thought he wasn’t going to get. It gets harder and harder to make that face happen as your little baby turns slowly (or way too quickly) into a teen. Not nearly as much amazes them. Well, they don’t let it show nearly as often. So when my tweener opened his new X-bos 360 (which we completely convinced him was unreasonable and there was no way we could afford it) and the LongShot 3foot Nerf Shotgun (that everyone told him he couldn’t have because he’d shoot his eye out – I know, we’re evil) and his face glowed with that happy wonder and amazment it was the best Christmas present I could have ever recieved. It was a very happy Christmas morning!

I’m looking foward to the new year. I don’t make resolutions on New Years. I don’t need the guilt of breaking them. However this year I do have some goals I’m starting the year with. They are simple. You’d think so, anyway. It’s the usual crap: loose weight, get job, dance, be happy.

And why is it that just when you think you have it all figured out. Just when you think it’s completely out of your system. Just when you think you’re fine without it. It strolls right up to you and smiles. Je devine c’est la vie.


6 responses to “And there go all my defenses

  1. Because life’s a bitch, that’s why. A bitch with a very twisted sense of humor.

  2. I agree with Bri completely on that.

  3. Wow, aren’t you two just my little balls of sunshine….

    Oh Bri, I did it. The thing we have been contemplating. No outcome as of yet…..

  4. Like I said – resolution, baby.

  5. Just so you two know…I hate being out of the loop.
    Bambi – the very curious one

  6. I agree with Bambi.

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