My dream special effects failed me last night

Half way through my dream last night the landscape changed. The colors became a technicolor nightmare. It was very weird. Very weird. It was like watching a huge budget film and that was spliced halfway through with a 70’s B-Movie flick! Suddenly the explosions looked fake and the acting was bad. And it went downhill from there. What is going on in this little brain of mine? Is this some hideous side effect of these awful meds I am being forced to imbibe? The dream had a happy ending: I was reunited with my love, blah blah blah. But, god damn it, I want the fog machines to work and the sunset I am prancing off into to look real and not like a background painting……

Maybe it had something to do with going to see “Epic Movie” yesterday with my kid. It rotted my brain. Funny, but brain-rotting……


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