Do you know who killed Wellington

Well, damn it. I’ve got lots to blog about. But I keep get distracted by my life. And then there are times that I get distracted by a book. I’ve been off and on with this GAMBLE book club. I’ve skipped a couple. I can’t get into the non fiction books, so I skipped some of those. And then I can’t always afford a new book so there have been some that have been skipped for financial reasons. I did “Devil in the White City” and then skipped to “In a Sunburned Country”. But this year I decided to try to stay with the list. I’m going to have to add some of my own books in between, I tend to have to have two or three books I am reading at a time. So, after I finished Sunburned I diligently went to the bookstore and picked up the next book on the list, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”.
At first I was skeptical. If I can’t get into a book I can’t read it. I’m not one of those than can just read. I have to be interested. I have to like the style of the writer. Which is why I have a hard time getting through non-ficton books sometimes. I’d be terrible in publishing! So, when I picked up the copy of The Curious Incident I flipped open to the first page and started to read the first paragraph. Right there in the book store. This is my custom. I can tell by the first parapgraph if I’m going to be able to make it through the book. As soon as I started to read I had to turn the book over and check to see if it was meant to be a childrens book. I had not heard anything about it and I was not prepared for it. However, it did grip me from the get go. Once I established that it was written in the voice of a autistic teen I couldn’t book the book down. It’s a short book and an easy read. A note on the book physically, though: the cover is annoying. There is a little cut out of an upsidedown poodle and it gets all bent and snagged. Anyhoo. I enjoyed the book. I would recommend it, but not in a strong “you HAVE to read this book” kinda way. I found that from time to time I was bored with the mathmatical explanations (math is not a subject I love or like or find at all vaguely interesting) and skipped some of the more detailed descriptions. I understand the need to completely get what is going on in young Christophers autistic mind, but I skipped some nonetheless. As a mother I both identified and was horrifed with the parents and adults in the story. I can’t imagine what having a special needs child is like, but I can imagine how very tough it must be. All in all it was entertaining. I liked it.


2 responses to “Do you know who killed Wellington

  1. Thanks for that. I’ve been having trouble getting into it, but I’ll keep trying since you liked it.

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