Au sujet de moi

me by Chip Talbert

Bon jour. Writing a description of myself is always so ..well.. difficult. I can only describe who I think I am and that, my friends, varies from day to day. And depending on who’s askin’! I am a single women. I am a mother. I am loud. I am a sister and a daughter. I am funny and outgoing. I am jealous and self centered. I am a friend and an enemy. I am loyal and stubborn. I am creative. I am all these things and more. As are most women. I am surviving.

By the Numbers:
I am in my 30‘s
I have 1 kid
I am no longer without a “plus 1”
I cater to 3 cats and 4 dogs
I have lived in 6 states
I have 1 sister who has 18 show dogs
There are 11 boys who continue to influence my life
I have been a member of the SCA for more than 20 years
I split my time between 3 states
My weight fluctuates between 130 and 165
I am 5’3″
I only own a mere 54 pairs of shoes. I love shoes, but hate feet. Go figure.
My mother doesn’t look a day over 35
I wear pink 364 days of the year. I wear purple & gold for LSU vs. Alabama.
I could (and have) eat $100 of sushi without blinking an eye!
December 25th is my favorite day of the year. Followed closely by Jan. 16th
I only have 4 ex’s I consider worth remembering. And I’ll never tell which 4!
I am have 13 tattoos.
I own 533 DVD’s. It’s my addiction, complulsion, whatever.
Everyday I mourn the loss of my 28GBs of music stored on my old computer.
I have 2 first names
I am approximately 342.61 miles from where I want to be