Furry but Family

I didn’t mean to be an animal person. One day, many years ago, a friend called and said these fateful words to me, “hey, I have this little kitten that needs a home, can you take it” Damn it, I thought. But, I took the teeny tiny black kitten. And I’ll be damn if the little furball didn’t teach me to love her. Unconditionally love a cat. And she provides me with endless entertainment and amusement and ever so often affection. Now, I live in fear of the day that something happens to her and I’ll be left with a furry hole in my heart.
Sorshia, the cat love of my life

And then came Lucky. How Lucky came to live with us is a lesson in “Stupid things parents say” or “fuck, now I have to follow through”. One day while camping this straggly dirty tick infested dog wandered up to my son. My kid has a natural and deep love for all animals and the two were soon inseparable. So, my son asks me, “please can we take him home…please please please…” And that’s when I said it. What was I thinking?! I said, “If he’s still here in the morning we’ll take him home with us” I was thinking that after the kid went to sleep and the dog wasn’t getting attention it would wander off. But the dog was faithful to his new found boy. And in the morning I was the proud new owner of a Border Collie. His name is Lucky (cause he’s lucky he was housebroken and lucky I’m a sucker for my kid and lucky he doesn’t bark and lucky he doesn’t lick me in the face..) And I love him. He’s a great and awesome dog and we’re lucky to have him.

And then there’s the devil. Oh, you heard me. The devil lives in my house in the form of a small black kitten named Ivanava. Cute, but deadly……
Ivanava (pissed cause she can’t eat what’s on the computer screen..)